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The DigiCare Hearing Solutions Toolbox

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Our DigiCare Staff:  Enhancing the Rich Sounds of Life - Everyday!

An easy place to find useful information for better hearing and improved hearing health.

Each of these tools is an important element of DigiCare's unique hearing solutions outlook. Our goal is to help you take control of your hearing health -through better understanding and education, our Factory Direct benefits and the caring professionalism of our staff.

Here's how it works: 

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DigiCare Hearing Evaluation Are Always Free


Tool #1:  A comprehensive DigiCare hearing test and evaluation is the pivotal first step of your journey to better hearing health.  At DigiCare, we first determine if you indeed have a hearing loss.  If you do, the evaluation pinpoints which frequencies and intensities have been affected, determines possible causes and helps outline the next steps.  With this information and an in-depth personal interview, your Auditory Rehabilitation Counsellor will review your full options with you, make suggestions and help map out a custom hearing health strategy.

Before, during and after your hearing evaluation, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. It's an excellent opportunity for one-on-one learning.

Throughout the process we spend as much time as you need; this is truly the first step in taking control of your hearing health.

DigiCare-made Hearing Aids

tool-pic-hearing-aidsTool #2:  Hearing aids can serve as a critical tool in your hearing health strategy. At DigiCare we offer superior-quality hearing instruments that we build, customize and program on-site at our Colorado City Factory Direct Lab.

The greatest advantage of today's digital hearing aid technology is the flexibility we have in programming your instruments to the specific needs of your individual hearing profile. Our hearing aids contain a computer chip that processes sound up to one million times per second.

The bottom line about hearing aids from DigiCare is this:  

If it is appropriate for your specific needs, we can help fit you with the best instrument for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.  If it is not appropriate for your hearing loss and needs, we won’t.  It is as simple as that!

Factory Direct Hearing Aids


Tool #3:  We are very proud to offer you this tool. Our unique Factory Direct Lab (located in Colorado City, just south of Pueblo, Colorado) means that our team has full involvement in the actual manufacturing of your custom hearing instruments. This makes our company a true standout.

Did you know that outsourcing is the norm in the hearing aid industry? That means when you work with most other dispensers, the person administering your hearing test has no personal contact with the technician fabricating your hearing aid several states away. Why does this matter? It matters because the particulars and nuances of your situation are very important.  

Adjustments, fine-tuning, problem-solving -- at DigiCare we take a fully hands-on, team approach. Factory Direct means truly-custom results of a higher quality, at a lower cost, with prompt delivery and onsite repair. Our counsellors, lab technicians and support staff all work together for your benefit.

Enhanced Auditory Rehabilitation System -- E.A.R.S. Program


Tool #4:  Today, we know from conclusive brain research that there is a physiological rewiring process required for a person to adapt to new hearing aids.

We follow up each purchase of hearing instruments with enrollment in our E.A.R.S. program, personalized, one-on-one aftercare and rehabilitation.  

At DigiCare, we take the time you need to become comfortable with all of the various aspects of your new hearing instruments. 

Through our E.A.R.S. program, your DigiCare team will be with you each step of the way, reacquainting you with the sounds you've not heard for a very long time and you've probably been missing.

All-Make Hearing Aid Repair


Tool #5:  Look forward to prompt, expert repair when you bring your hearing aids in to DigiCare for servicing and adjustments.

Hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated devices prone by their very nature to some bumps along the way.  Helping you establish an easy and effective home maintenance routine and showing you how to properly handle your instruments is important to us.  

When you do need hands-on help and answers to your questions, our Technicians are here for you.

Family Involvement & Encouragement


Tool #6:  One of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal is the involvement of a family member.

Why? Sometimes we are loathe to admit it, but many times family members know us better than we know ourselves. Indeed, your spouse might very well have noted a hearing loss long before you yourself did.

The flip side? It is a reality that hearing loss can sometimes increase the challenges in certain relationships. Involving a loved-one in the process is a way of starting fresh and coming up with hearing solutions together. Education, understanding and acceptance — these are all critical elements to a successful hearing health plan.

Our simplest and most profound goal is the closer and better communication between the people in our lives.

A Teamwork Approach to Tinnitus Management


Tool #7:  DigiCare has developed proven assessment and treatment protocols for achieving realistic outcomes for those suffering with tinnitus.  

At this time, unfortunately, there is no cure for this vexing condition; it would be disingenuous for anyone to promise a simple fix.  At DigiCare we have studied vast amounts of information regarding the varied and complex causes, symptoms and treatments. We have gleaned critical information from studies conducted all over the world and have worked with thousands of tinnitus sufferers nationwide.  

In most cases we’ve found that something can indeed be done to help.  The goal of our Management Program is your peace of mind and improved quality of life.  Our approach is multi-faceted and nimble, reacting to your specific needs to help bring you relief.

Our Library & Original Research


Tool #8:  Our extensive library of hearing health information is accessible to you as a vital tool to better understanding hearing and hearing health. Many of the research papers and articles included on this site were written right here at DigiCare.

DigiCare is one of the most published research and professional education firms in the international hearing health community. Our exceptional staff puts DigiCare’s extensive resources, knowledge and capabilities to work to meet each patient’s unique needs. We have performed industry-leading research on topics ranging from tinnitus therapy to professional protocols for the proper fitting of ear molds and hearing instruments.

We are passionate about hearing health and your particular needs are of the utmost importance to us.  We invite you to browse our library to learn more about your hearing health.

Education Events


Tool #9:  Did you know one of our core values is to provide superior Hearing Health Information and Education through our unequaled community involvement?

Our DigiCare team is passionate about helping those who have experienced a hearing loss, as well as teaching how to protect the hearing you have.  We believe strongly in the communities we support, and, in turn, we are continually traveling to and participating in learning events for both the public and hearing health professionals throughout the region.  We believe the more you know about your hearing health, the more control you have in caring for your hearing.  The communities we serve include:   all of southeastern Colorado, western Kansas, northern New Mexico, the panhandle of Oklahoma.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Our community also includes people just like you that have traveled to see us from much further away: Arizona, Texas, California and Alaska even!

The DigiCare Store -- Well-Researched, High-Quality, Convenient


Tool #10:  Shopping with DigiCare means well-researched quality products, as well as always having access to our helpful, knowledgeable staff.

In addition to hearing aids, DigiCare carries Batteries: We offer a wide selection of batteries for all-makes of hearing aids. Dietary Supplements: Therapeutic potency, pharmaceutical grade, quality ingredients and accuracy of label information are the hallmarks of our special supplement line.  Hearing protection:  We offer a variety of hearing protection products, including custom ear molds for musicians, hunters, motorcycle enthusiasts, swimmers and woodworkers.  Helpful Assistive Listening Devices:  Our ALDs range from the convenient to potentially life-saving. At DigiCare we have an excellent selection to help augment your hearing health strategy.

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